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Places To Avoid

Parking in central London is reasonably easy provided you park in a car park or on a parking meter.

Do not:-

- park on parking meters which indicate that they are out of order,
- in streets during restricted parking times; these are indicated on Yellow Plates on street posts and lamp posts. Yellow lines along the side of a street indicate that there are parking restrictions in operation, but you need to consult a Yellow Plate to see the details of the restriction. Most main roads have parking restrictions.
- on streets where there are Red lines along the side of the street; do not even stop on these streets during the day in order to find the Yellow Plates,
- on pavements (sidewalks) except to load or unload or while passengers board or alight,
- on the white zig-zag lines near pedestrian crossings,
- in residents only parking spaces/zones. Only if you have a local authority parking permit can you park in these spaces/zones.
- or any other location where doing so would cause an obstruction to traffic.

Parking Penalties.

Should you park in any of the above locations, or somewhere else that indicates that you should not park you will be either:-

- given a parking fine,
- clamped (which is a large metal device that is attached to one of the vehicle's wheels, immobilizing the vehicle) in which case the fine is larger, or
- towed away, which again imposes a large fine, which increases each day you leave the car in the pound.

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