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London's Past: events 1100AD - 1500AD

1132 Henry I grants the Charter of Liberties which gives London its independence subject only to the King.

1136 London Bridge destroyed by fire, replaced by 1209.

1154 House of Plantagenet succeeds the Norman Kings.

1185 Knights Templar build The New Temple by the Thames. Knights Templars were founded in Jerusalem in 1119.

1189 Citizens of London granted rights over traffic on the River Thames.

1192 Henry FitzAilwin becomes the first Lord Mayor of London.

1215 The Magna Carta is agreed.

1265 First Parliament held at Westminster Abbey after being rebuilt.

1272 Inns of Court established, following the clergy ceasing to practice in the law courts and being succeeded by professional lawyers.

1300 Lambeth Palace the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury is built at the end of the 12th century.

1312 Order of Templars dissolved and headquarters becomes a law school.

1327 Trade Guilds Incorporated.

1332 Parliament divided into two chambers.

1339 Westminster School, one of the countries leading and earliest public schools first appears in the records.

1348 Between 1348 and 1358 bubonic plaque kills a third of London's population in The Black Death of London.

1382 Part of London destroyed by The Peasants' Revolt.

1411 The Guildhall rebuilt. It was the administrative headquarters of the City of London.

1476 William Caxton publishes the first book printed in England on his press at Westminster.

1483 Richard III succeeds to the throne; suspected of having his nephews Edward V and Richard murdered in the Tower of London.

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