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London's Past: events 1750AD - 1850AD

1755 Trooping the Colour performed for the first time for George II.

1759 Kew Gardens laid.

1760 London City walls and gates are removed.

1762 Buckingham Palace becomes a Royal residence. Originally built in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham.

1773 The Stock Exchange is founded.

1788 Construction of The Bank of England building designed by Sir John Soane commenced. The building was completed in 1833, but was radically altered between 1924-39.

1808 Between 1808-28 The Port of London is developed and establishes itself as the largest port in Britain.

1812 Regent's Park is laid out by John Nash. The park was originally a Royal hunting ground.

1823 Between 1823-57 the current British Museum building was constructed. The British Museum was founded in 1753 and was from 1759 located in Montague Hse.

1826 London Zoo founded by Sir Stamford Raffles and Sir Humphry Davy.

1829 Between 1829-51 Trafalgar Square was laid out by Sir Charles Barry. Nelson's Column is by William Railton.

1829 Sir Robert Peel establishes the Metropolitan Police to patrol all of London outside the City boundaries.

1829 London's first horse drawn bus.

1834 Fire destroys the Houses of Parliament.

1836 London's first train service begins from London Bridge.

1837 Victoria succeeds to the throne until 1901, and Buckingham Palace becomes the Principal Royal residence.

1838 National Gallery opens.

1840 Between 1840-88 the Houses of Parliament are rebuilt to Sir Charles Barry's design, although they were officially opened in 1852.

1840 Penny Post founded by Rowland Hill.

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