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London's Past: events 1850AD - present day

1851 The Great Exhibition held in the Crystal Palace at Hyde park.

1858 The Covent Garden Opera House is constructed.

1871 Albert Hall opened, designed by Captain Francis Fowke and General Scott.

1889 The Savoy Hotel, the first deluxe hotel in London is built.

1890 The first underground train line opens between Bank and Stockwell.

1899 First motor buses introduced.

1901 London's population reaches about 4.5 million.

1914 During World War I, 670 are Londoners killed by bombing raids.

1926 London trade greatly effected by the General Strike.

1935 London County Councils established to govern local areas of London.

1939 1939-45, World War II; more than 30,000 Londoners are killed in bombing raids.

1946 Heathrow airport is opened.

1948 Olympics Games held in London

1953 Queen Elizabeth II crowned in Westminster Abbey.

1956 London's famous thick fogs prevented by the Clean Air Act which outlawed the use of open fires.

1966 The Post Office Tower opens, then the tallest building in London at 177 meters (580 feet).

1973 The new Stock Exchange in Old Broad Street opens.

1974 The 300 year old flower, fruit and vegetable market at Covent Garden moves.

1976 The National Theatre on the South Bank opens.

1982 The Barbican Centre opens.

1983 The first woman Lord Mayor of London takes office.

1984 The Thames Barrier is officially opened.

1986 London's centralised local government The Greater London Council is abolished.

1991 Canada Tower at Canary Wharf designed by Cesar Pelli becomes the tallest building in Britain at 250 meters (800 ft).

1992 Canary Wharf development opens.

1992 Britain joins the European Single Market.

1994 Channel Tunnel link opens.

1994 Tony Blair becomes Labour Party Leader.

1996 IRA breaks ceasefire agreement.

1996 Labour Party ends 18 years of Conservative rule.

1999 Millenium Dome constructed .

2000 House of Lords hereditary peerage ends.

2000 Tate Modern opens

2000 British Airways London Eye opens.

2000 Millenium Bridge opens-then promptly closes.

Revamped Tate Britain opens.

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